Buying Whisky as a Corporate or Business Gift?

Looking for a corporate gift that stands out from the crowd?

Whisky as corporate gift

Then buying whisky as a corporate gift is something you need to consider, as nothing quite matches the impact and recognition of giving a rare or old whisky to a trusted supplier, potential new partner or hard working colleague. Whoever the recipient is, it can be a challenge to find a gift that makes the right statement.

Why gift?

The giving and receiving of corporate gifts are met with varying associations and traditions depending on which part of the world you live and work, with attitudes ranging from genuine surprise and gratitude through to gracious acceptance and general expectation.

A gift that acknowledges the importance of time spent and perseverance

Careful consideration of these customs can mean all the difference between the recipient feeling that they have just received a gift that is considered & thoughtful, and that is received well, through to them left feeling that you really don’t know or respect them at all. Often gifts can be used in international business to reflect the inherent values and cultures of particular countries, and scotch is by its very nature inextricably linked to the country of its origin.

So just buy them a bottle?

It seems simple, should you just buy them a bottle? True, alcohol is a very common gift, especially around Christmas. Many people end up receiving bottles of wine or spirits from lots of different suppliers and partners, so the challenge can be to find a bottle that stands out from the rest, that differentiates you and your organization from the crowd. You could select a rare or unique bottle that is perfect for them, but this could be very limiting. This rules out a lot of other spirits and leaves you with whisky, as very few other spirits can match both the range and complexity of whisky. Cask 88 have a wide selection of rare and old whiskys from a number of prestigious distillers that would make a great gift as you can See Here. But if you need to guarantee a certain quantity then you should consider buying by the cask.

Buy a whole cask or more?

Buying whisky by the cask guarantees you can create the right number of bottles of exactly the whisky you require, no mixed bottles or variation in quality. Cask 88 can help you at every step of the way from choosing the right cask(s), storing and maturing through to creating a unique and bespoke bottling.

Handing over a bottle that is inextricably linked to your organisation, which contains a fantastic whisky from a renowned distillery, is a memorable gift guaranteed to be appreciated for years to come.

Interested? Then why not take the first step in what is a wonderfully interesting journey to create your very own whisky as a corporate gift. Check out our Corporate Gift Page dedicated to this process and try our free, no obligation form to select a cask or talk to us today about how we can help.

Check out our whisky as a corporate gift page today


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