Buying Whisky to Celebrate a Graduation

Buying Whisky to Celebrate a Graduation

Celebrate Graduation in Style, with an Old and Rare Whisky

(Post updated 11/6/2018)

Graduation needs to be celebrated in style. It marks the end of the years of studying & learning, growing and maturing and the start of your loved one’s journey into the big wide world. Champagne corks may pop, but what better way to make this special occasion memorable than sharing a glass of your very own old and rare whisky?

Graduation day is more than just celebrating the final result acquired, but a time to remember the dedication and hard work that has gone into the achievement, very much like sampling a fine whisky. Many students may have taken the same course, but just as each whisky barrel matures under subtly different conditions, each student will graduate with a truly distinct and unique perspective on the world. So let’s celebrate uniqueness the right way and choose a whisky that reflects the journey so far, you are guaranteed to find the right bottle in our online shop.

Want more than just one bottle?

Alternatively, you may be looking ahead to a graduation in the future, planning ahead for that special person who has just been born. If you’re looking to create a present and unique inheritance in one unique gift, then you might wish to consider purchasing their very own cask. Imagine creating a gift that they can know about as they grow older.

Imagine creating a gift which you can watch mature together, that ages as they do, which they can put their own stamp on by having it moved into Sherry or Port casks to mature into a unique and memorable dram. Each cask comes with its own certificate of title, recognizing the owner of the cask and its unique number and heritage, including when it was created and what distillery it calls home. If you choose to buy a cask as a gift the recipient then has the choice to use it to celebrate their graduation, or hold onto it longer to mark a significant birthday or other anniversaries.

So, where do I start?

We have years of experience and a network of contacts, giving us access to the most respected and sought-after distillers including, but not limited to: Macallan, Bunnahabhain, Glenlivet, or Dalmore; although we offer casks from over 40 distilleries across all major regions.

We offer a fully bespoke, end-to-end care that covers the selection, storage & management of your chosen casks and can also then assist with every aspect of the bottling and labelling of your uniquely matured whisky.

If you are interested in buying a cask to celebrate the graduation of someone you love, then check out this page for more information and to select your own cask.

Please visit our buying a cask for a special occasion page.

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