Celebrate a Wedding with an Old and Rare Whisky

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Celebrate a Wedding with an Old and Rare Whisky

A wedding should be a day that is remembered for a lifetime. Some couples start saving for their son or daughter’s wedding day from the day they become parents, so it’s important to make it as special as possible. Amongst all the decisions, from venues and flowers to dresses and first dances, what will be served to toast and celebrate the happy new couple is an important consideration often overlooked. Bubbles may be an obvious choice with which to raise a glass, but how about something a little more symbolic of the years of commitment that have just been made?

An old and rare Scottish whisky is the perfect metaphor for a wedding; the years of commitment and care it takes to create something unique and wonderful is to be admired in a world of instant pleasures. If the wedding is going to happen soon then you might want to consider a bottle that can be shared by a select few. A single bottle can be chosen from our online store by selecting the year or time in cask, maybe a birth year or age of the bride or groom i.e 25 yr old? Alternatively, you might consider choosing the bottle by the distillery, particular region, or if you are looking for a helping hand check out the connoisseur’s choice.

Planning ahead or need more than just one bottle?

As mentioned earlier, many couples start saving and planning for their children’s big day as soon as they become parents, why not consider purchasing a cask now to create a unique gift and investment in one? Imagine creating a gift that your children can know about as they grow older, understanding that as it matures it increases in value and will play its part in their big day. A cask also allows for a greater number of guests to be able to toast the happy couple.

A whisky can be  by choosing to move the whisky into Sherry or Port casks to mature into a dram that reflects the unique and memorable day it was created to mark. Each cask comes with its own certificate of title, recognizing the owner of the cask and its unique number and heritage, including when it was created and what distillery it calls home. If you choose to buy a cask as a gift the recipient then has the choice to use it to celebrate their wedding, or hold onto it longer to mark a significant birthday or other anniversary.

So, where do I start?

We have years of experience and a network of contacts, giving us access to the most respected and sought after distillers including, but not limited to: Macallan, Bunnahabhain, Glenlivet, or Dalmore; although we offer casks from over 40 distilleries across all major regions.

We offer a fully bespoke, end-to-end care that covers the selection, storage & management of your chosen casks and can also then assist with every aspect of the bottling and labeling of your uniquely matured whisky.

If you are interested in buying a cask to celebrate a future wedding, then check out this page for more information and to select your own cask.

Please visit our buying a cask for a special occasion page.

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