The Best 30th Birthday Gift is an Old & Rare Whisky

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The Best 30th Birthday Gift is an Old & Rare Whisky

A 30th birthday is a major milestone in anyone’s life, so it needs to be celebrated in a style that befits such an occasion. So what do you choose to toast such a significant birthday? You could buy a bottle of bubbly or a nice wine, but these are gone in an instant.Far better to have a bottle of something you can enjoy for more than just your birthday. It makes sense to choose something that reflects the age that has been reached and the maturity that goes with it. What better way to express this milestone in life’s journey than by sharing a bottle of your very own 30yr old whisky?

Celebrating soon?

Living for 30 years brings with it a wealth of experiences and insights, 30 years of maturing to become the adult with all its richness and complexities should be suitably matched with the choice of celebratory drink. A whisky is only partly determined by the distillation process: it is how it matures that defines its nature. So choose a whisky that can reflect the same journey you have taken, choose a whisky that has matured for 30 years. Check out the bottles 30-year-old whisky in our shop.

Planning ahead?

Not quite your 30th this year, but soon? Perhaps you are planning to give a present and inheritance in one unique gift for a special person on their 30th, a son or daughter, grandchild or godchild, who has just been born. Imagine creating a gift that they can mature with – their very own cask.

Can you imagine what their world will be like in 30 years? Can you imagine the things that they will see over the next 30 years as their cask matures and develops? As they develop and define, and become fully grown individuals, their whisky can be moved into Sherry or Port casks to mature into a unique and memorable dram that will suit their own particular taste. Each cask comes with its own certificate of title, recognizing the owner of this cask and its unique number and heritage, including when it was created and what distillery it calls home. If you choose to buy a cask as a gift they will have not only the wonderful whisky to enjoy as an adult, but the unique and wonderful gift that mirrors their own life and journey.

So, where do I start?

We have years of experience and a network of contacts within the most respected and sought after distillers including, but not limited to: Macallan, Bunnahabhain, Glenlivet, and Dalmore; although we offer casks from over 40 distilleries across all major regions.

You can rely on our fully bespoke, end-to-end care that covers the selection, storage & management of your chosen casks.We can also then assist with every aspect of the bottling and labeling of your uniquely matured whisky.

If you are interested in buying your own cask to celebrate a 30th birthday then check out this page  for more information and to select your own cask.

Please visit our buying a cask for a special occasion page.

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  1. Kevin Chen says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m in Taiwan. And I want to collect a whiskey cask. But I have no idea how to do it. Is there any your agent in Taiwan? Thanks a lot.

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