Want to Reward Employees and Thank Key Customers or Suppliers?

Want to Reward Employees and Thank Key Customers or Suppliers?

Rewarding employees

In today’s global marketplace, big businesses not only have to attract the best and most talented staff, but actively have to retain them and stop them from moving to another company or group. Retention is no longer guaranteed by the promise of a good salary and extensive benefits as these are commonplace in every sector. To ensure an organisation holds onto its most talented staff, they have to reward them in other ways and this has spawned a whole new market for employee rewards and benefits above and beyond what they are paid. Some organisations take staff on holidays, give them access to preferential rates on a range of products and services, or create gifts that remind their staff that they are respected and valued. Whoever the recipient is, it can be a challenge to find a gift that makes the right statement.Buying Whisky Corporate Business GiftBuying Whisky Corporate Business Gift

Buying Whisky Corporate Business Gift

Why reward with whisky?

When choosing a reward for employees or suppliers it is essential to balance the needs of the gift with the values of the company and its brand, a challenging task. Very few gifts can reflect both, but whisky can offer that balance. Whisky is by its very nature and association both a desirable item of value and reflects what can be achieved by combining the best ingredients with time, care and maturity – the perfect analogy for the relationship between an organisation and its employees and suppliers.  

A reward that acknowledges the importance of time spent and perseverance to achieve a common goal

So, just buy them a bottle?

If you make the decision to buy whisky as a reward for employees you could just go to a supplier and place an order for however many bottles you need. Or you could select individual bottles that more closely match your employee or supplier’s personal preferences, it all depends on how many you need. Cask 88 have a wide selection of rare and old whiskies from a number of prestigious distilleries that would make a great gift, as you can see here. But if you need to guarantee a certain quantity then you should consider buying by the cask. 

Buying Whisky Corporate Business Gift

Buy a whole cask or more?

Buying whisky by the cask gives the opportunity to create the right number of bottles of exactly the whisky you require, no mixed bottles or variation in quality. Cask 88 can help you at every step of the way: from choosing the right cask(s), storing and maturing, through to creating a unique and bespoke bottling, even branding the bottle to emulate your organisation’s look & feel.

Buying Whisky Corporate Business Gift

Handing over a bottle that is inextricably linked to your organisation, which contains a fantastic whisky from a renowned distillery, is a memorable gift guaranteed to be appreciated for years to come.

Interested? Then why not take the first step in what is a wonderfully interesting journey to create your very own whisky as reward for hard working employees and suppliers. Check out our Corporate Gift page dedicated to this process and try our free, no obligation form to select a cask, or talk to us today about how we can help.

Check out our whisky as a corporate gift page today.


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