Let us help you move beyond the mainstream and design a whisky that is truly one of a kind. Our bespoke bottling service is an immersive experience that puts you in complete control over cask selection, bottling and packaging. Explore your creativity to design a whisky that showcases your brand, promotes your organization or marks a personal milestone. Whatever the reason, the Cask 88 team is ready to take your idea from concept to completion.

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Case Study: The Macallan 1991

A Signature Bottling for The Peninsula Shanghai

Learn how Cask 88 helped The Peninsula Shanghai take their brand to the next level by producing an exclusive bottling for the world renowned hotel.

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Step 1: Whisky Selection

Explore our expansive selection of more than one hundred casks covering a wide range of vintages, distillation methods, barrel types and distilleries. The distinct, one of a kind characteristics of a chosen cask will be a direct extension of your personality.

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Step 2: Bottle & Package Design

Unleash your creative side as you design the bottle, label and packaging to transform your whisky into art. Our world-class design team helps you each step of the way to ensure your creative vision is brought to life.

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Step 3: Production

The selected cask is transported to a production facility where it is vatted and bottled to meet your design specifications. Whisky can be bottled at cask strength, or diluted to a lower ABV based on your personal preference.

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Step 4: Delivery

All bottles are thoroughly inspected before being prepared for shipment. The Cask 88 logistics team works with clients to arrange any combination of warehousing or shipping. Our expertise in global distribution ensures prompt customs clearance and secure worldwide transportation.

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Draft World-Class Whisky of Your Own

Choose the Whisky, Bottle, Label & All Design Elements you prefer.

Let’s make your dream a reality, doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal milestone or to create a corporate gift or to develop a house branded whisky, Cask88 help’s you with expert solutions.

Simply fill in the form to let us know what you’re looking for, & get a prompt response of what you are looking for with project plans, available options and estimated costs.

In addition to a quotation, our team will aid you with a detailed overview of our design and bottling process.

Why Cask88  

Choose whisky from leading distilleries across Scotland. We have Vintages ranging from 1960s to new makes. Immediate availability of all stocks.Complete in-house bottle and packaging design. Industry-leading project turn-around Global logistics and customs clearance.

Welcomes International buyers *inventory availability subject to change.

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