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You’re at the right place. Cask selection is a memorable experience unlike any other and we understand there are a number of reasons why you are looking to buy a cask: to celebrate an important event; to create a unique corporate gift; to create an own brand whisky; or to simply fulfil every whisky connoisseur’s dream of owning their own cask. We buy, store, bottle, label and send finished product to you based on your desired use and timing. We take care of all the details, the paperwork and everything else needed for you to get your very own brand of high-quality Scottish whisky.

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Rare & limited supply.

Recently whisky casks from leading distilleries have set record prices at auction houses. Demand is rising globally while supplies remain fixed. It will be years before the supply of single malt whisky can catch up. If you’re considering the purchase of a cask, timing is a key consideration. Supplies of casks are highly limited and often sell quickly.

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Leading distilleries

Owning a cask is every whisky lovers dream. It’s your opportunity to purchase an entire cask of whisky from the distillery you love. Cask 88 has sold casks ranging from 1964 to the present. Whether it’s Macallan, Bunnahabhain, Glenlivet, or Dalmore; we offer casks from over 40 distilleries across all major regions and you can buying whiskey by the barrel.

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Bottle. Enjoy.

Whisky is meant to be enjoyed. Whether today or in the future, your cask must be bottled before it can be distributed. When you decide to bottle a cask, you are free to explore custom packaging, bottles and labels. It is an entirely immersive whisky experience that puts you in complete control. Prestigious corporations, hotels and bars can heighten their brand with unique, customized bottles of fine whisky.

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Sell your cask

Own a cask that you’d like to sell? Cask 88 offers complete lifecycle management for whisky casks. We’re proud to have the worlds most extensive network of private buyers and auction houses. Our team will sell your cask quickly at it’s maximum market value. Ownership transfer and delivery is all handled for you, we make the selling process simple.

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