Unfiltered Series

Unfiltered is our homage to the whisky. Simply (but elegantly presented), the whiskies are perfect examples of what independent bottlers bring to the industry. Each bottled cask is personally selected by members of our team for the way they taste, as they are supposed to be drunk, not kept on a shelf awaiting resale at some unspecified future auction. The kind of collectors who would be interested in Unfiltered bottlings, are those people who are actively seeking whiskies they haven’t yet tasted, and enjoy the experience of drinking something they haven’t had before.

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Unfiltered First Release - 4 Bottle Set

Scottish Folklore Series: Caointeach

The Scottish Folklore Series: Caointeach was released on May 7th. This 28 year old single malt was distilled in 1991 at Bowmore distillery and bottled in 2019. Just 200 bottles were produced making this yet another highly collectible limited edition.

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Scottish Folklore Series: Nuckelavee

The Scottish Folklore Series: Nuckelavee is now available while supplies last. This 31 year old single malt was distilled in 1988 at Highland Park distillery and bottled in 2020. Just 100 bottles were produced making this a highly collectible limited edition.

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The Scotch Express Series: The Great North Of Scotland Railway

The third release in the Scotch Express Series celebrates yet another of Scotland’s “Whisky Railways” by showcasing a Cowan ‘M’ Class locomotive cutting through a snowy Speyside scene.Robin Barnes gorgeous watercolour rendition adorned on the face of the bottle brings history to life, allowing the shared legacy of whisky and rail to unite once more.

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The Cask 88 Rum Collection

Experience authentic rum that will take you on a journey into unchartered waters, coming away with a newfound appreciation for the art and craftsmanship of rum. Quite simply, this is the way rum was meant to be. The beautiful bottles with a Caribbean inspired design feature exceptional expressions from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana and Flor de Caña Distillery in Nicaragua.

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The Scotch Express Series: North British Railway

The second installment in the popular Scotch Express Series takes fans on a wild ride with a beautiful bottle commemorating the North British Railway. The bold single malt expression from the Fettercairn distillery is sure to be one you remember with its rich and distinguished flavor profile. Toast the distillers and civil engineers of the past with a dram of this whisky; for they have made the things that endure.

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Scottish Folklore Series: Laphroaig 19 Year Old

The third release in the Scottish Folklore series carries forward the alluring style that has captured the attention of whisky enthusiasts around the globe. An intricately designed label features the Cailleach Beira in an attractive colour scheme that immediately draws you in with each of the careful details.

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Cailleach Beira Award
Scotch Express Series

The Scotch Express Series: Highland Railway

The premiere release from the much anticipated Scotch Express Series. The “Highland Railway” celebrates the popular railway line that connected the Highlands to the southern regions of Scotland by featuring a bold single malt expression from the Blair Athol distillery. Don’t miss your opportunity to showcase the industrial spirit of rail on your top shelf.

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Scottish Folklore Series: Arran 22 Year Old

The second release in the Scottish Folklore Series is a legendary expression inspired by Scottish folk tales of the “Selkie”. It is an outstanding 22 year old islands single cask expression from the Arran Distillery that has been met with widespread acclaim by enthusiasts around the world.

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The “Eighty Eight” Series.

Experience an outstanding collection from Cask 88 that has once again raised the bar. The “Eighty Eight Series” is an innovative limited edition set that allows enthusiasts to experience the impact of cask size on the maturation process.

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Scottish Folklore Series: Ben Nevis 45 Year Old

Taking away not just one, but three, prestigious industry awards at the 2018 International Wine & Spirit Competition and 2018 Independent Bottlers Challenge, this 45 Year Old Ben Nevis 1972 Single Malt is being hailed as one of the year’s best bottles.

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Ben Nevis 45 Year Old Award Winning Whisky