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Cask88 creates unique, one-of-a-kind whisky expressions for our clients. Whisky is the epitomy of class and sophistication, your own custom bottle will set the bar even higher. We'll help make your brand, organization or event truly remarkable.
Your whisky begins by selecting the perfect cask. Each cask is unique with outstanding culture, heritage and craftsmanship in every ounce. The cask is the foundation upon which the story of your own whisky begins. Browse our extensive selection of casks to select one matching your preferred age, flavour, region or distillery.
Cask selection is a memorable experience unlike any other. It's your opportunity to select a piece of history from the world's most distinguished artisans. You'll get the chance to see how the whisky industry works from a first-hand perspective.
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In this phase we begin the transformation of your selected cask into your very own label of whisky. You'll select the bottle, stopper, color scheme, label style and box design. Our expert design team will work with you to create a world-class presentation piece that will perfectly complement the whisky inside!
This is where the whisky begins to represent you. It can promote your brand, event, club, fundraiser, anniversary or birthday. It's your opportunity to create a treasured keepsake that will gain a prominent position on the "top shelf."
After completing the design, we'll deliver a sample for your approval before the bottling process begins.
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Bottling is the most exciting milestone as it's the day that your whisky becomes official. The timeframe for completion of this process is driven by the schedule of bottling facilities at time of order.
Your cask is transported to the bottling plant where it is met by the bottle and all packaging components approved from the design phase. You will make a decision on the strength of whisky for your bottles. This is typically either Cask Strength (un-diluted) or diluted to 40% to 43%. The bottler will empty the cask, dilute if desired, then fill your bottles. Labels and packaging are applied as per your specifications yielding a product that is entirely your own.
Upon completion of bottling, you have a one-of-a-kind whisky ready for transport!
Getting your new whisky from the bottler to your door can seem daunting. International shipping, government regulations and customs all need to be handled with care. Cask88 has extensive experience handling the complexity, making transportation simple & carefree! Your bottles will arrive at your door, no matter where you live. Want to store your bottles or cask instead? We're happy to help arrange storage in a government bonded warehouse.
Need Distribution Assistance? We're happy to manage the distribution of your whisky to customers and clients. Whether you're selling or gifting your whisky, we can ship directly to as many recipients as you'd like. You give us the appropriate instructions and we'll handle it from there! This is a simple way to send your custom whisky without the hassle of logistics and customs clearance.