The Whisky Correspondence Course

A Cask 88 and Ralph Steadman collaboration
witchcraft series

Something wicked this way comes...


Every bottle
is a work of art

We offer the ultimate whisky experience, from the rarest casks and oldest whiskies to newly distilled expressions and our very own independent bottlings.

Whisky casks on shelves


From the rarest liquid to newly distilled expressions, we have unrivalled access to a wide range of whisky casks from leading distilleries including Macallan, Bunnahabhain, Glenlivet and Dalmore.

Independent Bottlings


Every whisky has a story and every story needs a whisky. We proudly showcase the finest whiskies through collaboration and craftsmanship. We curate rare and old whisky, from renowned distilleries, and independently bring it to life taking you on the journey from cask to glass.

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Explore our range of award winning single malt expressions

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