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Every whisky has a story and every story needs a whisky. Whisky gets better with time and even better with good company and conversation. We're here to look after the whisky, so the whisky looks after you.

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Our business is whisky, aged for over 10 years

We are a family-owned company and among the world’s foremost experts in rare and old whisky, serving clients around the world from our offices in Edinburgh, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Our reach and library of liquid is unrivalled and we've spent the past decade taking great pride in helping clients find a whisky that perfectly suits their individual needs.

Whether a unique cask you wish to enjoy now, a newly distilled expression that will age with time or a limited edition bottle release finding the right whisky should be an experience.

Our passionate team of whisky experts have, between them, over 100 years of knowledge and are perfectly placed to take you on a journey, a journey through Scotland and a journey from cask to glass.

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How it started

Over a decade ago we embarked on the journey of a lifetime, touring the world’s most iconic Scottish distilleries to satisfy a deep seeded passion for fine whisky.

With each visit our appreciation grew for the craftsmanship, care and vision required to produce a mere drop of 'liquid gold'.

The magic

As we stood gazing up at hundreds of casks in a distillery warehouse, we were drawn in by the history and unique character of every barrel. Each had its own story that would one day live on through the whisky it contained. Decades of meticulous care, just waiting. The experience was so inspiring that we had a new dream: to own a cask for ourselves.

We spent months travelling around Scotland, learning the industry. Our knowledge grew and so did our portfolio of casks.

Word travelled quickly and soon we were helping others around the world. What had started as a personal pursuit transformed into something quite special.

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Inspired by Scotland: our duty to the Scottish Wilderness

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Cask on the seashore

We're delighted to be working with Trees4Scotland - a local group who are working hard to reforest the native woodlands of Scotland. Every cask of whisky we sell generates a donation towards the work of Trees4Scotland, which funds the planting of new oak trees and the other species needed for a healthy broadleaf forest. This allows them to continue their work translating the wood of the cask that was purchased into new oak trees - and there's a pleasing circularity to that.

5 star reviews
What our customers say

“It seemed only fitting that I purchase a cask of whisky as the engagement gift; something that will get better with time as our love deepens and something we can share with our friends and family when we bottle it. We’re both looking forward to the day we get to bottle the whiskey and share it with friends and family. With any luck, I’ll be able to hand one to Patrick from Cask88 for all his work in making this momentous occasion smooth and delightful.”

Derek and Su

“As someone who is a relative novice in the art of single malt appreciation, I fortuitously connected with Fraser and Cask 88. Fraser has been a terrific guide and gently helped me find my way without ever pushing. Aside from having fun with the potential of future bottlings, and perhaps a good investment, Fraser has added a personal touch to the journey which has made it all the more rewarding”

Robin, United Arab Emirates

“As a new investor in Whisky, I have to say the whole process with Struan from Cask 88 was simple, fun and super interesting.I have learnt a lot about the process, the spirit and more about Whisky.I have made 2 purchases through Struan (one including a re-rack) and have already recommended his services to friends.I look forward to working with him in the future and enjoying the potential upside and a wee dram or two down the line.Thank you.”

Rob – UK/Sri Lanka
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